miniNAV ® Pressure setting

The miniNAV is available in four different pressure levels. As a standard pressure setting, 10 cmH2O is recommended. For patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus a miniNAV with pressure level of 5 cmH2O is available. In case the patient suffers from symptoms associated with over-drainage, or complicatons with overdrainage are expected, we recommend implantation of the SHUNTASSISTANT in addition to the miniNAV. The SHUNTASSISTANT is specially designed for preventing problems with overdrainage. 



Reading the pressure setting from an X-ray image

The coding of the miniNAV can be identified according to the shape of the valve's housing. Where the miniNAV is dished (concave) at the proximal end and convex on the distal end, this indicates a pressure setting of5 cmH2O.

pressure setting (cmH2O) coding miniNAV from an X-ray image
0roentgen kodierung mininav
5roentgen kodierung mininav
10roentgen kodierung mininav
15roentgen kodierung mininav