proGAV ® Adjustment

The patented adjustment and verification instruments allow easy, fast and uncomplicated treatment at any location, without having to expose the patient to X-ray radiation. The unique "Active-Lock" mechanism protects the proGAV against accidental re-adjustment by external magnetic fields.

Due to the wide range of opening pressures 0-20 cmH2O (0-20 cmH2O) available on the proGAV, there are numerous possible treatment options.

Furthermore the range of angular rotation for adjustment is 300°, ensuring excellent adjusting precision.

Recommendations for adjusting the proGAV:



First, locate the proGAV by palpation. The proGAV VERIFICATION COMPASS is an auxiliary instrument for locating the proGAV.
As the proGAV VERIFICATION COMPASS is held above the valve, the floating disc aligns over the adjustable unit of the proGAV The current opening pressure setting can be read from the compass scale.


Position the proGAV VERIFICATION TOOL central on the valve. The marking and the readout display on the proGAV VERIFICATION TOOL must be in line with the proximal (ventricular) catheter. Press the trigger button to see the actual opening pressure setting displayed on the readout.


Select the appropriate opening pressure on the proGAV ADJUSTMENT TOOL.

Position the proGAV ADJUSTMENT TOOL centrally over the valve. The marking and the readout display of the proGAV ADJUSTMENT TOOL must be in line with the proximal (ventricular) catheter. Unlock the rotor ("Active-Lock") by applying mild pressure on the trigger button and then check the setting with the proGAV VERIFICATION TOOL.

The following instruments for adjustment of the proGAV are available: