The SENSOR RESERVOIR Reader is used to read and display the pressure in the reservoir using telemetric methods. The readings are automatically stored on an SD card and can be evaluated later. 

The relative behavior of the CSF pressure in the shunt system can provide information about its function. This permits the non-invasive detection, localization, and evaluation of occlusion in the shunt as well as mechanical loss of function of the shunt values. The measured pressure values can also be used to improve the configured opening pressure of adjustable shunt valves.



There are three measurement types:
Individual measurement, continuous measurement
and quick measurement.

The data are stored by date and time on the SD card and can be evaluated on the reader or on a computer using Excel. The pressure curve is shown in a diagram both on the reader and in the Excel file.

The individual measurement is a static measurement of the current pressure value and is displayed as a digital value averaged from 8 to 10 measurements. The unit of measurement can be selected in the settings.

In continuous measurement, the measured values are displayed sequentially as individual measurements in a curve over a configured measurement interval.

The quick measurement is a sequence of non-averaged individual measured values at the maximum measurement rate available (about 40 measurements per second*) that can be shown sequentially as a curve.