The SHUNTASSISTANT is available in different pressure settings.

Standard opening pressure SHUNTASSISTANT cmH2O
children up to 5 years of age and adults over 60 years of age 20
children over 5 years of age and adults up to 60 years of age 25

Reading the pressure setting from an X-ray image

The opening pressure level is denoted by code rings, which are visible in the X-ray image. The paediSHUNTASSISTANT is smaller and coded differently to the SHUNTASSISTANT. The paediSHUNTASSISTANT is calibrated in accordance with strict quality control standards.

Both SHUNTASSISTANT variants are available in the following pressure settings:

opening pressure (cmH2O)coding paediSHUNTASSISTANT
in X-ray image
10Kodierung des paedi Shuntassistant im Röntgenbild
opening pressure (cmH2O)coding SHUNTASSISTANT
in X-ray image
15Kodierung Shuntassistant im Röntgenbild 15cmH2O
20Kodierung Shuntassistant im Röntgenbild 20cmH2O
25Kodierung Shuntassistant im Röntgenbild 25cmH2O
30Kodierung Shuntassistant im Röntgenbild 30cmH2O
35Kodierung Shuntassistant im Röntgenbild 35cmH2O

The recommended pressure level, suitable for the individual patient, should be calculated as follows:

measure the distance between Foramen Monroi and midriff (e.g. 42 cm)
Subtract the opening pressure of the DP-valve (e.g. 10 cmH2O) 42 cm - 10 cmH2O = 32 cmH2O
Once again subtract 5 cmH2O, because the IVP in the upright position is slightly negative 32 cmH2O - 5 cmH2O = 27 cmH2O
The SHUNTASSISTANT with the most appropriate opening pressure should be chosen according to this calculation (in this case: 25 cmH2O)

The measured distance between Foramen Monroi and midriff.



DDV - DP-Unit
FM - Foramen Monroi
ZF - midriff

Recommended pressure levels:

distance between Foramen Monroi and midriff in cm

opening pressure of the DP-valve (cmH2O)

< 28 1515101010
28 - 322015151510
33 - 372520202015
38 - 423025252520
43 - 473530303025
48 - 52 3535353530
> 53 3535353535