The Miethke SENSOR RESERVOIR is the first long-term implantable measuring cell for the measurement of pressures within a shunt system. It is integrated into a reservoir for a ventricular drainage system and transmits pressure values using telemetric methods, thus non-invasively, via a reader unit. 



The SENSOR RESERVOIR allows, for the first time, the pressure in a shunt system to be measured and evaluated, and integrated into treatment options. In addition to pressure measurement, the SENSOR RESERVOIR offers the same advantages as any other Miethke reservoir. The measuring cell is protected from possible penetration by a titanium membrane. Every SENSOR RESERVOIR is calibrated. The calibration data are stored on an associated SD card that is included with the reservoir.

The reservoir membrane permits:

  • The pressure measurement in the shuntsystem
  • The injection of medication
  • Fluid removal
  • valve inspections.