The SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 proves its strengths in partnership with other valves. It should be combined with a differential pressure valve for over-drainage protection and can also be used within a complete shunt system (differential pressure and gravitational unit) if the pressure levels of the existing gravitational unit is not yet sufficiently high enough and to protect the patient from over-drainage.

The SHUNTASSISTANT ® 2.0 in combination with other shunt systems


•    SINGLE valve for children and adults
•    innovative opening pressure coding for clear opening pressure detection in imaging
•    two additional models for lumboperitoneal CSF drainage

The SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 is a further development of the proven SHUNTASSISTANT. Like its predecessor, it is a separate gravitational valve that automatically adjusts the valve opening pressure to the patient's different body positions and can thus counteract possible overdrainage while standing.

The gravitational assistant for the combination with all shunt systems

A valve for children and adults

The slim cylindrical design of the SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0's predecessor has been further optimized for better flow characteristics and the valve has been further reduced in size. This valve is therefore equally suitable for the treatment of hydrocephalus in adults as in children.

The SHUNTASSISTANT ® 2.0 for lumbo-peritoneal drainage

The SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 has been extended by two models for lumbo-peritoneal CSF drainage:

SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 LP (straight) 





The SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 can be integrated into the shunt system at any point. The installation height has no influence on the functionality. However, the correct position parallel to the body axis is important for the proper functioning of this gravitational valve.

Horizontal body position

The SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 is open in the lying body position and does not present any resistance. The opening pressure in the horizontal body position is determined exclusively by another differential pressure valve which is used.

Vertical body position

When the patient rises, the SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 is activated: The balls inside the housing close the passage of the valve due to the gravitational force, automatically increasing the opening pressure and thereby protects the patient from overdrainage while standing. Only when the patient's cerebral pressure increases to such an extent that the opening pressure in the valve is reached, the balls are pressed upwards and open the passage until the cerebral pressure has fallen again. In the upright body position, the total opening pressure is the sum of the opening pressure of the gravitational valve and that of the additional differential pressure valve.

The Miethke App

The functionality of the SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0 in different body positions is illustrated interactively in the Miethke App.

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