Valve Board

Stable and reliable
fixation of gravitational valves

for lumboperitoneal shunting or thoracic placement


  • flexible and safe to use
  • reliable fixation and axial alignment of gravitational valves for lumboperitoneal shunting or thoracic placement
  • for application of different MIETHKE gravitational valves:, proGAV 2.0, GAV 2.0, and SHUNTASSISTANT 2.0
  • available in configurations with and without CONTROL RESERVOIR
  • various placement options: e.g. dorsal, paramedian – ventral, anterolateral – thoracic
  • integrated kink protection for catheter
  • intuitive, safe, and comfortable adjustment with the reliable instruments


The MIETHKE Valve Board is used for permanently stable placement of MIETHKE gravitational valves
- for lumboperitoneal shunting
- for thoracic placement of gravitational valves during VP shunting

The Valve Board is implanted together with pre-mounted MIETHKE shunt systems. The adjustable MIETHKE valves mounted on the Valve Board can be adjusted postoperatively using instruments approved for this purpose. Thus, adjustable MIETHKE valves ( or proGAV 2.0) and non-adjustable gravitational valves (GAV 2.0) can also be used for lumboperitoneal shunting.

The Valve Board is made of flexible silicone with a 9–20% barium sulfate content for improved visibility on X-ray. It has fixation holes through which the Valve Board and the gravitational valve mounted on it can be permanently sutured to the body in a stable position with non-absorbable suture material.

Implantation is carried out lumbar or thoracic and parallel to the body axis. For this purpose, the Valve Board is inserted in a subcutaneous pocket, at most 10 mm below the skin surface. It is important here to place the Valve Board on a firm tissue base (bone or muscle fascia) to facilitate locating the valve and to allow the valve pressure level to be read and adjusted.




Valve Board

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We have a long and intensive partnership with B. Braun in the field of neurosurgery. We are driven by a common vision: to improve the lives of hydrocephalus patients around the world with innovative solutions.

Our partnership is an exciting combination of B. Braun's nearly 180 years of expertise as one of the world's leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies and our agility as an innovative company and technology leader in gravitation-based shunt technology. 


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