GAV 2.0

ONE valve
for premature and newborn babies, children and adults

GAV 2.0


  • ONE valve for premature and newborn babies, children and adults
  • three product variants: for ventriculo-peritoneal (GAV 2.0) and lumbo-peritoneal sections (GAV 2.0 LP, straight and GAV 2.0 LP, U-shaped)

  • more protection against overdrainage complications due to position-dependent function

  • uncomplicated pressure stage concept with 6 different fixed pressure stages to choose from

  • simple pressure level coding for clear pressure level detection in imaging

  • MRT compatible up to 3 Tesla

  • slim, cylindrical and small design for a better flow

  • precise precision engineering

  • robust and durable due to the use of titanium


GAV 2.0


The GAV 2.0 is the consistent further development of the proven GAV and paediGAV and like its predecessors, it operates position-dependent and consists of a differential pressure and gravity unit.

The GAV 2.0 must always be implanted parallel to the body axis for optimal function. It then automatically adapts its opening pressure to the different body positions of the patient and can thus meet the different requirements of a shunt system in lying and standing positions and, above all, counteract the risk of possible overdrainage in the upright body position.

One valve for children and adults

The slim cylindrical design of its predecessor has been further optimised and further reduced in the GAV 2.0 for a better flow pattern. Coupled with the modified pressure stage concept, the GAV 2.0 is suitable for the treatment of hydrocephalus in premature and newborn babies, children and adults.

Horizontal Position

The valve opening pressure of the GAV 2.0 is only determined by the micro-spiral spring of the differential pressure unit when the valve is lying down. The gravitational unit is not active in this body position and is always open. If the patient's cerebral pressure (ICP) exceeds the opening pressure of the microcoil spring, the closing ball moves out of the cone, leaving a gap for drainage.

Vertical Position

In the vertical body position, the gravitational and differential pressure unit act together. As soon as the patient stands up, the balls in the gravitational unit are activated, closing the passage and using gravity to increase the valve opening pressure. In addition to the opening pressure of the differential pressure unit, the weight of the balls must now be overcome. Only when the sum of intracranial pressure (ICP) and hydrostatic pressure exceeds the opening pressure of both units, drainage is possible again. This significantly higher opening pressure for the standing body position compared to the lying position takes into account the physical requirements of a shunt system and reduces the risk of overdrainage.



Each preset pressure stage is specially coded and can be recognized postoperatively on the imaging. The lower illustrations show the X-ray images of all available pressure stages of the GAV 2.0 (5/20, 5/25, 5/30, 5/35, 10/25 and 10/30 cmH2O):


pressure stage 5/20 cmH2O



pressure stage 5/25 cmH2O



pressure stage 5/30 cmH2O



pressure stage 5/35 cmH2O



pressure stage 10/25 cmH2O



pressure stage 10/30 cmH2O


For detailed information on the optimum pressure stage setting, please refer to our pressure stage recommendation




The MIETHKE App shows clearly and quickly understandable how our valves work:

+ Influence of the body position on the opening pressure: The motion sensor of the smartphone simulates the body position of the patient: upright - inclined - lying.

+ Pressure stage recognition in the X-ray image: Every set or preset pressure stage is shown here and can be easily recognized by means of templates.

+ Simulation of adjustability: Valves can be easily adjusted with the finger and thus help to understand what is happening inside the valve.

+ View into the inside of MIETHKE valves: All valves allow a view of their construction and thus the influence of the cerebrospinal fluid flow on the functioning can be shown in an easily understandable way.

+ free for Apple and Android



GAV 2.0

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