What moves us

Living and working at MIETHKE

What moves us...

... is above all the fate of our patients. All of us - in one way or another work here to improve the lives of hydrocephalus patients. We are aware of the great responsibility that we bear whilst developing and producing implants for people. This gives our work meaning and creates a certain humility which is important in order not to be careless.

An essential element of this is our togetherness: we meet here at eye level, without pressure and with a constant strive to find solutions. Our leader Christoph Miethke leads us by example. We spend more time with our colleagues than with our own family or friends. Therefore, it is important that this time is rewarding, enjoyable and fun. One thing is clear: innovative ideas and most other things are not predictable. They can only grow in an open environment that is what we appreciate around here so much.

We are always looking for new colleagues and especially those who are willing to support this philosophy with heart and soul. Our company is supported by people and that is why it is so important to take the time to get to know the people who apply to us. It is just as important to give our applicants the chance to get to know us before both parties make the decision to work together. This human component is at least as important to us as professional aptitude. Here you can find our job portal:


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Our colleagues introduce themselves...

Our benefits

Flexible working hours

We support home office and flexible working hours as well as parental and family times.

Personal development

Regardless of age and area of responsibility, we promote individual and personal development through further training.

Time out together

Hardly any of us can do without our company outing or Christmas party. It's all about one thing: having fun together!

Personal and individual benefits

At MIETHKE, we choose our individual benefits from a large selection - very personal and in a way that best suits each individual's life situation. From the Urban Sports Club membership to the childcare and meal allowance to our mobility and many other benefits, there is something for everyone.

Feel-good places and atmosphere

Our work locations have a charm all of their own due to their historical core.
Cozy, well-equipped dining areas and really (!) good coffee are a nice occasion for small breaks. Tea and cold drinks are also available free of charge. And if you still haven't had enough of us after work, you can also use the cafeteria for your private parties.

Stay mobile

Whether it's a job bike, job ticket or trainee ticket - we support mobility, in addition to many other benefits. For those arriving by car, there are also several parking spaces directly in front of the door.


An insight into our production location

What exactly our colleagues produce there, how they work together and why this location is affectionately called RoK by us, we show in this film.