In addition to a shunt system a prechamber FLUSHING RESERVOIR and a CONTROL RESERVOIR can be implanted. This allows the measurement of the intraventricular pressure, the control of valve pressure, the injection of drugs and the extraction of CSF. The titanium base of the Burrhole Reservoir is highly puncture-resistant.


The prechamber is built with a diameter of 20 mm and is available either with two connections or one connection and a distal catheter.

Pediatric Prechamber

The pediatric version of the prechamber is similar in construction to the standard prechamber, with a diameter that is slightly smaller (14 mm).

Prechamber for LP-drainage

A special prechamber is available for lumbar-peritoneal drainage. The inlet connector has a smaller diameter to connect the spinal catheter.


The CONTROL RESERVOIR has a non-return valve in the proximal part, which allows CSF to be pumped only in the draining direction.

In addition to targeted drainage in the distal direction, this mechanism also allows a control of the distal drainage part (reservoir difficult to press down) as well as the ventricular catheter (reservoir does not refill after pressing down).


As opposed to the prechamber, the CSF-Port possesses only one connection for the ventricular catheter. The CSF-Port is used in patients who need longterm administration of medication, which is injected into the shunt system.