The M.blue® is the essence of 26 years of experience with hydrocephalus and valve technology and the feedback of numerous doctors and patients worldwide.

Hydrocephalus has many causes and most diverse forms. Beyond that, every person is very individual. On average, our day is divided into 8 hours of sleep and 16 hours of day-time activities. While the resting phases hardly differ from each other, there are big differences in the daily activities from person to person and from patient to patient. For an individual treatment, it is crucial to focus on the flexible adjustability for the active time of the day, i.e. the upright body position, when developing a hydrocephalus valve. The M.blue® is a valve for various forms of hydrocephalus with a special flexibility in therapy.


New Update for our MIETHKE App

We have renewed our MIETHKE App.

What happens inside our gravitational valves when the patient lies down, bends over or stands up? How do the individual valves differ from each other?

The MIETHKE app shows it.

  • The MIETHKE app helps to better understand the basic principles of our gravitational valves and illustrates the influence and effect of the body position (upright - oblique - supine) on the valve opening pressure.
  • The app shows the features for recognizing the different pressure levels with the help of X-ray coding.
  • With our current update the MIETHKE App looks even more stylish and our new valves M.blue® , SHUNTASSISTANT®  2.0 and GAV®  2.0 are also integrated.

Simply download or update from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

We understand the gravity of the situation

Understanding is the foundation of our work. Understanding the problems of patients affected, understanding the questions and needs of our customers and a technical understanding to develop solutions.

Life with Hydrocephalus

A little while ago we got to know Madita and Sarah, two young women who are full of joie de vivre. They met each other in a hydrocephalus forum and made friends right away. Maybe because they understood each other completely without having to explain much: Sarah who was born with hydrocephalus and Madita that developed the medical condition with three months.

When they told us about their life with hydrocephalus and their different paths of lifes we were deeply impressed. That's why we would like to share their stories with you.