Adjustment instruments for all MIETHKE valves

Since 2004 we offer adjustable MIETHKE valves and the corresponding adjustment instruments. Starting with the proGAV, there are four valve variants to date, whose adjustment technology has been improved more and more over the years. All product information about our different adjustment instruments can be found here:




Thomale Guide

For controlled ventricular catheter placement

The THOMAL GUIDE is a neurosurgical instrument that allows the navigation and placement of the ventricular catheter in a controlled and easy way.




About the product


The product finder quickly filters the relevant criteria using targeted, short questions.

We consider the individual patient situation, surgical technique and treatment plan. The questions are designed in such a way that the list of results provides a maximum of three product recommendations.



Miethke Journal

The MIETHKE Journal is a platform for a broad spectrum of technologies and questions that doctors and patients inevitably encounter at some point in the treatment of hydrocephalus with shunt systems.
Hydrocephalus is our topic. Every day.